The wakefulness inducing Pills: Modafinil

5 June 2020

Buy Modafinil Online in USA, a wakefulness pill prescribed for narcolepsy sufferers; however, its abuse among healthy young people has increased due to its potential to improve alertness or to alleviate fatigue.

And it has even the US military highly interested in this drug for its potential ability to alleviate battle fatigue. The number of consumers are on the rise amongst students, and time-bound professionals to buy Modafinil online, to put in long hours and so resort to Modafinil.

What distinguishes it from most other psych stimulant drugs is that it has fewer and less intense side effects.

That said though the body can take only so much punishment in terms of sleeplessness and no more. And that is when sleep deprivation begins to manifest itself in the body, quite expectedly so.

Microbes from the gut get into the bloodstream, causing a bacterial infection. The stress tolerances are impaired, causing numerous anxiety issues.


Biohacking is all about exploring the potential of new tricks and tools which promote a significant impact from minimal effort. While some call it a relentless pursuit of personal perfection, a closer look at this performance-enhancing drug will bring to light also some of its perks.

Modafinil branded Provigil is used more by healthy non-sleep deprived individuals who want to enhance performance at school or work and with good reason that it works wonders in improving performance.

For most people, it improves performance on long, complex tasks, more specifically, it affects the higher-brain functions that rely on contribution from multiple simple cognitive processes.

Further, it enhanced only specific features of cognition, which are called executive function, giving one the ability to deal with multitudinous new information and draft plans based on that information.

Progressive neuroscience and economic drivers together validate the increasing relevance of performance-enhancing drugs. A good example of this is the consumption of coffee which is a performance-enhancing drink or whatever forms it is consumed.

Understanding Psychoactive drugs

This reveals a whole new realm in understanding psychoactive drugs, which can be categorized into depressants, tranquillizers, stimulants and hallucinogens, none of which are very clearly demarcated in their possibly overlapping functions.

Broadly though depressants and tranquillizers relieve anxiety and stimulants relieve fatigue and depression. If looked at closely the conditions, they treat also overlap in context of symptoms and states of being.

To elucidate, stimulants combined with depressants or tranquillizers are medicated to treat sleep disorders or to maintain alertness for an extended period.

However, most psychoactive drugs have tolerance and dependence; in other words, tolerance is the first stage where a specific dose after the duration is not sufficient to treat the condition, and a stronger dose or potency is required to deliver the same treatment.

So in a continuous increase of doses, one becomes dependent on the medication, which is addiction. And coping with life without medication becomes impossible.

Therefore, these psychoactive drugs like Modafinil may cause problems when consumed over protracted periods. Despite the side effects of psychoactive drugs, amphetamine and caffeine have been traditionally used as alertness-enhancing or anti-fatigue drugs.

Organic substances like cacti, hallucinogenic mushroom, leaves, flowers, and buds of some natural plants are also psychoactive. They are all street drugs that are thought to be safer because they are natural and organic and therefore, less harmful. This could not be further from the truth since any mind-altering drug, and addictive has its perils.

Starting off in design as a schedule IV drug to promote wakefulness, in people plagued with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, and shift work sleep disorder, it has now evolved into a performance-enhancing drug whose mechanisms of action and long-term effects are unknown, in the way it is used.

It definitely is distinctly different from stimulants such as methylphenidate, amphetamines, and cocaine.

When molecules that enhance cognition (nootropics) were discovered, it took centre stage in areas of drug development. There is unanimity for the use of these drugs as therapeutic agents, and a new twist is that Nootropic drugs will now also be used by healthy individuals as enhancing agents.

Further, none of the consequences of the appropriateness of performance-enhancing drug use in healthy individuals has been assessed.

Modafinil and alcohol

Not done. Well, if you think about it, the two have absolutely opposite and conflicting purposes. Modafinil to stimulate and keep you awake and alcohol to numb and make you sleepy. The very purpose of both consumed at the same time is completely defeated.

On the consumption of alcohol, you will develop signs of intoxication as your blood alcohol content increases. You might even pass out from the alcohol poisoning. And the state of inebriation impairs your judgment and responses as well. Continued abuse will guarantee long term health issues, particularly in context to mental health requiring long term therapy.

For sure Modafinil carries its own set of side effects; its mingling with alcohol can create complicated issues. Both substances work on two neurotransmitters in the brain, which are Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and Glutamate. GABA is a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system whose function either elevates or depresses moods, by the quantity secreted. It is also equally vital to proper vision, muscle coordination, and balancing moods.

Consumption of Modafinil definitely inhibits the function of GABA receptors, while enhancing the way glutamate functions. Alcohol has the converse effect. It increases GABA to an out-of-control level while inhibiting what Glutamate is supposed to do in the brain. The result is extreme effects on a person’s mood.


In conclusion, a healthy person buy Modafinil online solely as a cognitive performance enhancer or a regular basis is likely to experience a heightened tolerance to alcohol. It is because of the effects of the drug, initially but continued abuse of alcohol in combination with the drug is going to reflect not just on the cognitive abilities but also impair their performance for good. And will surely lead to mental illness, requiring protracted periods of therapy.

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